Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Interview Day

Tuesday was sunny, Her Highness and I had two long walks, and I’m finding more enjoyment in both walking and eating again. I’m more engaged and that’s a good thing. 

Much of the day was spent thinking about the interview I get today at 11:00 am. I don’t know how my speech is going to be; it’s always hard for me at the beginning. My presentation could be a touch dramatic. But they proudly announced in their advertisement, that they were committed to representation. 

I haven’t forewarned them about my speech. Normally, I would, and I could have, but I chose not to. I feel it’s my first act “owning” my condition, and not apologizing for it.

I’ve written a short paragraph to send them as soon as we convene. I’ll send it on the chat function. In it, I explain that I’ve a neurological condition and my symptoms, and invite questions about it, should they be interested as to how I might function in a meeting. I’ll have my iPad by my side and show them how I use a speech generator.

What they won’t see, is my party trick. They won’t see how putting my hands on my cheeks gives me fluency. It makes me feel like a freak. Also, I want my hands for typing on the chat features. I know that I have skills they seek, otherwise I wouldn’t have replied to their ad, and I have decades of experience in non-for-profit governance.

I’m waking with a small group this morning. I like it when we are a small in number. Then I come home for the interview.

I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch lately. Very negative thoughts. But I noticed something. I felt much better after a video chat with Dwight or Dianne. Good friends are medicine.

All the plants I bought are on my table, outside the window where I sit to type on this computer. I’ve had them five days now and still, they sit there. But today is really nice (so far) and Friday is predicted to be a lovely day, and I will aim to get them planted—plus, scores of bulbs.

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