Saturday, April 16, 2022

Another Ordinary Day

Friday came with lightly overcast skies. I went on the dog walk with friends and was delighted to see Stacy arrive. We get along wonderfully well, and so I’m going to her house tonight for dinner with her man, Bryce, and a friend of her’s, Nancy, who went to the same school as I did. Nancy is a blast to be with, so tonight will be wonderful.

I chose to stay indoors yesterday where it was warm and cozy and where I had the company of my wonderful pets.  I spent my time after the walk going shopping for groceries and then settling into my Penny novel. 

At 2:00 the power went out. A tree fell on the line on the big island and 2500 households lost power. God bless my generator that starts for me easily and every time. I knew the power would return quickly once I saw that the problem was on the big island where there are always Hydro crews at the ready.

In the afternoon, the phone rang. I missed getting to it in time and so when I picked it up, I heard a voice inviting a message and then Stacey leaving me a message. I had absolutely no idea that Telus was taking messages for me. Now I know two things: I now can receive telephone messages and I am one dumb fuck.

I’ve bought two answering machines since I moved to this home. Neither have worked and I could not figure out why. Besides, there are times when I can’t speak on the phone, and even when I can speak, it’s not great. I was happy living without using my phone. I use Skype, Zoom, Messenger, Facetime and email.

Dumb fuck is going to check his answering machine from now on.

We walked again in the afternoon when it was much nicer and milder, and then settled into our evening routines together.


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