Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Monster Hail; To Nanaimo

I did it! I went to Nanaimo on the first day of the new Gabriola ferries coming into service. It was fabulous! It was so much quicker and the new ferries are clean and neat—and that’s wonderful when those adjectives also apply to the washroom. 

I went to Walmart and got a whole whack of plants. They, I hope will motivate me to keep working at cleaning up the backyard and bringing beauty back to Pinecone Park.

As I left Walmart to grab some lunch before coming home, it was snowing. Nothing stuck. It was big heavy flakes that soon stopped, but that’s how cold it’s been of late. 

I came home and unpacked everything, and the sky started clearing. I, however, once finished, went back to reading with Miss Penny, nice and comfortable by the fire.

In the afternoon, the sun came out. Then it went away again. And then this happened:

Today we continue with cool weather. Every day looks iffy for the next week. I’m so impatient for warmth. I’m going to go to Vancouver as soon as I see a couple of days of sunshine during the week. (I want to avoid the ferries Fri.-Sun.)

I’m going to try to do some yard work, but I’m not motivated when it’s so cold on my hands. I’ll see how I feel today, after walking our dogs with my friends, followed by a quick trip into the village for some groceries. It’s so nice to be by the fire on these cold days, reading with Louise. 

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