Sunday, April 24, 2022

Yay! Yard Work!

Yesterday, I washed floors, scrubbed stains off of upholstery, cleaned up the cattery and vacuumed up every f’ing thing inside Pinecone Park that wasn’t fastened down—all before going on the morning walk with Her Highness. 

The walk was fabulous. I did not want to go out into the grey cool day, but once I got walking, the forest fragrances and the birdsong raised my spirits. Then, as we came to the end of our walk, the sky cleared, and the sun came out and transformed everything. 

I spent the afternoon outdoors in short sleeves, mowing lawns and clearing forest fall from the front yard. And then Merrill dropped by with Issa, and we had a wonderful visit. For the first time, Issa was content to be in my arms—not only that, she wanted me to hold her all the time. Issa’s one-and-a-half years old. To hold close, a trusting child, is an exquisite experience, a wondrous privilege.

We explored my yard, and then we went through our friendship gate into their yard, and we pushed Issa back and forth on her swing. Following that, I came home and cleaned up most of the crap I’d collected off the front (former) lawn. I have named the front former lawn, the festival of weeds. I don’t care. Pinecone Park is going natural, except for the gardens.

I felt very good for having done some yard work. And that’s a good thing because there’s weeks of work to be done. It’s daunting, but I’m in no rush. I love having something to do outdoors when the weather’s good. I’ve got to get the fountain going today and I’ll get started on cleaning up the backyard and gardens.

I reckon I could do a cracker of a job of creating a community liaison/fundraising plan. I’ve drafted a proposed job description for myself that I plan to send Dyan and Dianne if I’m invited to be part of the board.

Today’s dawned slightly warmer than of late, and there’s plenty of blue sky to get me outside after the Zoom call I have this morning with my BC Stuttering group.

190 years old; currently the world's oldest 
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