Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Look at what Woodpeckers have
done to this tree trunk!

Monday was a lovely day. I really enjoyed the morning dog walk; everyone is in such a good mood due to the arrival of warmer weather. It was bright and calm; there was no wind. And it was lovely and mild. As I arrived home, the clouds started rolling in, so I got right to work on removing the many branches felled yesterday with Jay.

I would have preferred to install all the plants and bulbs I bought into the gardens, but the wood needed removal and I’ve become blasΓ© about which work I do; I’m content to do anything that takes Pinecone Park forward. Besides, I have all the rest of Spring and Summer to work. 

I got a couple of wheelbarrow loads burned, but then my incinerator collapsed so I had to go into town to get a new one. Then we went to Rollo Park. Sheba pees with excitement when we go to Rollo because that’s where we play fetch the ball. We play on grass where I can be free of worry coming to her paws. She has had lots of trouble with her paws.

And then I lay down—to nap, and to think about what I’ll make and serve on Saturday night. Then Her Highness and I took an afternoon turn together and as we walked, we hit a stretch of trail that I remember vividly because of what once happened there.

Not long after I moved here, I remember being hit with a seizure and needing the tall thin trees that grow up right at the edge of the trail, for support. I felt very disoriented after the seizure and needed the trees to get my bearings. I always think of that whenever I pass through the trail. Since then, I’ve made considerable progress in navigating the world and I do very well here on Gabriola where I feel so incredibly safe and so very close to Mother Nature.

It's not a terribly appealing day today, but it ain’t shite either. I’m drawn to the yard; I’ve bulbs to plant and wood to stack that comes from the bucked trees Jay and I felled last weekend. 

Best news of yesterday: I got a $2,200 tax refund! Par-tay!


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