Saturday, April 30, 2022

Entertaining is Draining

Friday dawned with clear bright skies, but, of course, cool temperatures. I am so sick of being cool or cold outside! We went walking with our friends and then I went into the village for some groceries for tonight’s dinner. When I got home, I did some preparatory work for the dishes I’ll assemble tomorrow.

My heart is not into hosting dinners anymore. All I wanted to do all day yesterday, was sleep. I know that I’ll enjoy seeing Nancy, Bryce and Stacy tonight, but I’m just not into all the work that it takes. I am too, too fond of doing little-to-nothing all day. It’s a huge change from the guy I used to be.

It seems like yesterday that I was in my condo in Vancouver where, for over a year, I was getting up at 4:00 am and working until late at night on my paper dresses—all day, every day, and with endless energy and enthusiasm. As soon as I finished one dress, I began another, each one taking hundreds of hours of work. That was then….

Once this dinner is done, I can relax again. My next big thing is going to Nanaimo on Thursday to have some pulmonary tests and to see a doctor about my difficulty with swallowing. I get lung testing every two years and it always makes me nervous because sometimes it leads to having do a biopsy of my lung tissue and I’m not a fan of the procedure.

The following Monday, I go back to see if a biopsy is required and to have my pacemaker checked and adjusted, and then I’m done with all my medical obligations—at least for a while. As soon as I get an ‘all clear’ from the pulmonary lab, I plan to go to Vancouver to lunch with Nicola and dine with John and Bunny.

And speaking of medical things: I hear that the clinic has secured the services of two locums for one year and that I’ll be lined up with one of them.

The Kitchen, an island restaurant felled by the pandemic, is undergoing major construction work. Rumour has it that it will become a wine tasting (and selling) facility. And Robert’s, another island restaurant, is closed for good, but soon new owners will be opening a breakfast and lunch service. When that will be is unknown. 

And The Surf, my favourite place to eat on the island, is closed. They can’t find a cook and so the facility has closed temporarily. Sigh. Only Woodfire restaurant is operating, and it only operates four days a week due to staffing issues—all the more reason to get to Vancouver and binge on good food.

Today will be busy with cleaning and getting ready for my guests. It’s pissing rain. Stacy and Bryce got here at 7:30 this morning to walk their dogs with Sheba and I, then they went home, and I came in to get out the vacuum and sponge mop to do some serious cleaning. Dinner’s at 6:00.

I’m rather glad it’s raining because it’ll allow me to chill part of the day, and not want to be outside mowing the back lawns. Despite of my shite cake, I expect the evening will go just fine. It’s being together that matters, and there’s lots of food.

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