Saturday, April 9, 2022

A Passive Day

Let’s see…. What did I do on Friday? Well, I overate, and I read, plus did a modicum of yard work. The afternoon turned cool and dark; that’s when I read. When the warm and welcome sunshine returned, I finished clearing the courtyard and began working on one of the gardens.

Today’s dawned bright and beautiful, but it’s cool again, and as happened yesterday, it can suddenly cloud over, and we’ll have a rain shower. It’s already happened once this morning. I’ll likely be back at work on the yard, but not until it warms up.

I went to the clinic to ask what I should be doing since my doctor is leaving the island. I asked, in a note, if I should be looking for a doctor in Nanaimo, but the receptionist told me not to worry yet and to come back in a month. To improve my chances of getting a new doctor here, and to be more in the know, I’m considering becoming a volunteer or board member of the clinic. They are seeking someone with non-profit management and fundraising experience. 

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