Friday, April 29, 2022

Baking Exhaustion

Baking something for the first time is nerve wracking for me—especially if I am making something for guests! At one point, while baking the Princess Cake, I found some corn starch in one of my little containers I fill in advance of baking so that I can quickly and comfortably mix and prepare all the ingredients.

I’d left it out of the custard cream or the cake, I wasn’t sure which. But since the custard cream seemed fine, I re-made the cakes—three of them. There are three layers to a Princess cake, and raspberry coulis is spread between the bottom two layers, and custard cream fills the two top layers.

But by far my worst work on the cake was the last step—putting a marzipan fondant on the cake. When I laid the fondant on the dome, it collapsed. The cream dome wasn’t thick enough; next time I may add some gelatin. I think it looks positively dreadful, but it’ll taste great, I’m sure.

In the late afternoon, we walked, getting home just before the showers that came late in the day. Sigh. I was exhausted when I got home from all the tension of the bake and all the work it involved—so exhausted, that I got into bed at 8:30, read for just a few minutes, and then went quickly and easily to sleep.

And today, I do more prep for my dinner, preparing all the vegetables and other ingredients to that my cooking is quick and easy tomorrow. And I’ll do some tidying and cleaning as well.

No word yet from the medical clinic.

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