Friday, April 15, 2022

Back in the Yard

Our morning walk was glorious—cold, uplifting!  The sunshine, birdsong and forest fragrances made me high on the beauty of life and nature. Morning is such a lovely time of day! And then I came home to work in the yard—wearing gloves to keep my hands warm. 

It felt very good to be outside in sunshine and making the backyard look as good as possible, given the damage to many plants and large parts of the lawn. The lawns are absolute shite, but I’m not in a caring mood. I’m leaving the land to go au naturel for now. I’m really glad I built the courtyard with paving stones. When I did it, I didn’t know growing lawns here was impossible. Leo is working in his yard. Merrill is in Nova Scotia. It was lovely to use our gate to have a chat for a break every so often. 

It's slow going. The backyard is not going to look too great for quite a while, but I got a good start on things yesterday, and I’ll do more today. It’s a titch demoralizing to see the extent of Winter damage—and to see how full the eaves troughs are. That’s another task I must attend to. I’m tempted to re-seed, but I know it’s pointless and sadly, no matter how pretty I make the gardens, the lawns and all their scars are mighty ugly.

I was outside all day. Late in the afternoon, I quit working on the yard to go for a lovely long forest walk with Her Highness and then, when I came home, I put all my tools away, chilled for a bit, and then got into the spa. Oh, oh, oh, that felt good!

Today is just like yesterday … brilliant and clear, but cold. The afternoons are warmer, thank goodness. I’ll be back in the yard today.

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