Thursday, June 23, 2022

Neil Arrives

This photo proudly displays the fruits of Eoin’s labour.

He grew the asparagus and foraged the Morels. 

Summer is here! The hammock is up, the cushions are on my deck chairs and the fountain is on its timer and filling the backyard with the sound of tumbling water that is so effective in attracting birds and bees to Pinecone Park. We’re in for a stretch of hot sunny weather and so it was time! And all just in time for Neil’s visit. How great is that?!

I cleaned the car bright and early in the morning and did final checks of the guest rooms and guest washroom before going on a delightful morning walk with a healed pupper and our friends. Everyone was in terrific spirits due to the sudden and timely arrival of Summer. Then it was home to do some yard work before going to the dock to pick up Neil.

I’m working on a really lame garden. It’s a bed that was once full of Campion, but they all died from last Summer’s drought or the two heavy snowfalls. Spring saw it full of dead plants and a thick cover of weeds, so it’s a big challenge, and the penultimate bed I must clean up after the Winter. Only the Fern garden remains to be weeded once this bed is done. 

Neil arrived just after 2:00 for his first visit to Gabriola. He was smitten with our island immediately. We came home and decided to go for a forest walk with Sheba. On the way, we passed Ali and Peter’s house and they were in the garden, so we stopped and passed a lovely 45 minutes with them before our walk. He loved every minute of our sojourn. 

Then he had a quick nap before we left to go to Kris and Steve’s place. And what a wonderful fun night we had. It was just joyous to be all together. Dan and Neil hadn’t seen each other for decades, so it was a grand reunion for them. And Kris and Steve’s son, Conner, was there, and he’s a terrific man. I had the best time imaginable.

I don’t know what we’ll do today. We’ll do whatever Neil wants, and then tonight we’ll meet Eoin, François and Jay for dinner at the golf club.

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