Saturday, June 11, 2022


I can hardly wait to see this movie! I love fashion, Leslie Manville and all things French.

I got some yard work done yesterday, as well as a lot of interior cleaning and tidying, but I still get very tired, very quickly, and tasks that involve using my arms require mindfulness. My arms have become plagued with tremors when I try to lift things and when I’m eating or drinking. Leo has been helping me move my planters, and I eat with a towel on my lap to catch spills. Aging! It ain’t for the faint of heart.

In the morning, I went into the village to pick up my new burner and to do other errands. And then, in the afternoon, it clouded over, so I abandoned my gardens and came indoors to nap and chill, and then Her Highness and I went to the park to play fetch. I came home, had a spa.

My newest toy is the induction burner and it’s fabulous. I really like using it and it was much cheaper than a new stove! I made myself a nice batch of coconut chickpea rice and watched Downton Abbey: A New Era. It was awful, but dinner wasn’t. I had a delicious and lovely night at home.

Today is decent—not too warm, not too bright, but there’s no sign of rain. I’ll walk the madame, we’ll go to the Saturday morning farmers’ market and then I’ll come home to mow the lawns.

These people can have children. They take their weapons to church to have them blessed. Worst of all, they believe they know what’s best for America. The end is nigh.

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