Thursday, June 30, 2022

Miss Cavendish Comes

I ordered three more Detective Bruno novels, completing my purchases of every book of the series to date. I love these books! I’m on my third, I started it yesterday, and as it begins, Bruno is selling his Truffles in the market of a nearby town. It’s fabulous reading, learning so much about the growth, harvesting and marketing of these gastronomic diamonds.

After walking, shopping and watering, I was about to begin mowing when I was overcome with fatigue. I came in to rest a bit with Bruno in the big chair in my living room and soon fell asleep. Every so often, I have a day in which I find myself without any energy at all, and yesterday was one of them. I felt wasted all day, even right after my nap. All I did was water everything I didn’t water on Tuesday.

Today has excitement in store for me. My adorable friend Miss Cavendish is coming to the island. We’re meeting up, taking in a plein air performance of a play, and then having lunch together before she returns to her place in Qualicum. I am very excited about seeing her! We wrote a play together that became a monster hit and toured Canada. It’s run in my theatre was a highlight of my life.

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