Friday, July 1, 2022

Will She Be President One Day?

This woman is amazing. How can she not become President one day? If she were to run, I’d feel as I did when Barack Obama announced his campaign. What an extraordinary mind she has.

I met my dear friend, Nicky, and her friends Ron and Glynnis who live about five houses away from me, to go to the show that’s part of the Cultivate Festival here on Gabriola. It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day. Spectators had to bring their own chairs, so we found a nice central place on the lawn.

I hated the show. The writer/performer was not off book, and the script was a mess. When it was over, we visited the various booths of artists and their wares, and then we bought ourselves lunch from the vendors there. The food was great! We all had Pad Thai by Kenny, a local phenomenon.

Then we decided to have dessert. We went for ice cream. When I got back to our spot in the shade, I had a seizure. I hadn’t had one for over a month, and it’s been maybe two years since I had big one in public. So, I said my goodbyes and came home. Also, I was mute at the gate, at the food truck and at the ice cream vendor. With my friends, my speech was pretty rough, but that’s my current normal. 

I came home and felt like I was moving around in someone else’s life. Taking Sheba for a walk was torture. I could hardly wait to get home and into bed. I heard Glynnis wondering if I’d been over-stimulated. I think that’s exactly what happened. It’s always this way when I get out of my comfortable, safe, island rut.  

I’d like to go to the big island and visit parks all day and come home. Of course, with Sheba. That I could do. The message I’m getting from my body is: To be happy every day, don’t leave the island.. I can handle the annual trip to Nanoose. It’s practically part of Nanaimo. And it’s to be with Dianne and her posse. We’ve been doing it for years. It’s part of my rut. A rehearsed route. Familiarity is like medicine for me.

Today I mow the lawns and water all the gardens. Those are my only goals once I come home from a morning walk with my peeps and their dogs.

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