Thursday, July 14, 2022

Wood Split!

My screed to Dyan was a worthwhile effort. She appreciated my frustration with the clinic’s non- communications concerning the loss of half of our four doctors. I hate being a complainer, but it works. Having vented, I felt enthused about the articles I must write for the clinic. Also, I got a request from STAMMA for a third article. I’m definitely on a roll with my technical writing. 

Eoin and François and I got all my wood split in half-an-hour. Splitters are amazing machines! They make converting bucked wood into firewood a snap. It felt very good to add so much wood to my woodpile because I used wood well into Spring which I normally don’t do. This year has been a cool one.

Last night I watched two productions of the National Theatre. I particularly liked The Taste of Honey. It amazes me, how powerfully and passionately I connect with theatre. I explode at the conclusion of each play. I have mini seizures because I’m so intoxicated by the experience. I remember the moment when I discovered my passion to the stage. I was four. I saw the garage of our new home as we drove up the driveway and saw it as a theatre with a wooden curtain. I organized my friends to stage plays in it. (To no audience.)

How did this happen? I’ve become lethargic. I takes an effort of will to do work. I have a mañana attitude. This is not me. Is it age? Spirit? Neurological changes? After the wood splitting, I was content to nap and putter my way through the rest of the day.

Today, I must muster my mojo and stack the split wood. Plus, I must thoroughly water all the backyard gardens. And then I must finish five media scripts for the upcoming anniversary special event. All that’ll earn me couch time, and tonight I’m taking Eoin and François for Pad Thai at the golf course. I love going there and sitting on the deck of a log building, high up and overlooking a green and the lake. It’s a great Summer treat.

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