Saturday, July 30, 2022

Bad: Sheba's Foot, Noisy Drilling and Facebook

Friday, we walked. Sheba was fully recovered and so we had a lovely morning walk with our little group of people and doggies. Then I came home to rest and to water the gardens. When I came in for lunch, Sheba had chewed two pads off her foot, so it’s back to not walking and to wearing socks. 

By mid-afternoon, it was 35° and doing anything made me sweat. I wanted to tidy up and do some indoor cleaning because Shelly and Kevin came over for games and pizza last night. I’d do one chore and then rest before doing another. It was just too warm for work. Soon, however, we’ll be back to normal. It’s going to start cooling down on the weekend and we may even have rain on Wednesday.

Someone who owns a lot that’s half a block away has a pneumatic drill digging out something— perhaps a septic field or a house foundation. It’s driving me and my neighbours crazy. The noise is incessant and highly irritating. It stars sharp at 8:00 every morning. Normally sounds, even sounds as grating as this one, don’t bother me, but the heat has me living with open doors and windows and so the noise shatters my peace of mind all day long. 

One of the best things about life here is the quiet and currently that peacefulness is ruined by the constant rat a tat tat of the giant metal rockpecker. I feel for the guy’s next-door neighbours. Yesterday, I closed my front door and bedroom window as they face the source of the sound, and it worked very, very well. I could barely hear the drilling, but I missed the breeze blowing through the house. God bless this house and its thick logs that keep me nice and warm in Winter and nice and cool in Summer. And in quiet!  

Beth wrote with a link to an article explaining why the seasons needn’t be capitalized, but I’m a rebel like k. d. lang. I make some rules for myself, and I honour the seasons by capitalizing them. I know it’s wrong. I get that. But I like using caps. But thank you Beth.

I joined Facebook a while back so that I could access the Gabriola Community Facebook page. I signed up giving my name and email address and nothing else. I left everything blank. I don’t know how Facebook works and don’t want to, but I started viewing the Gabriola page every day.

Suddenly, a while ago, I got a note from Facebook saying that they were going to remove my membership because I had violated their community guidelines. They sent a link to their guidelines, and it was all about respecting others and not showing nudity, bullying, harassing or spreading misinformation. Things like that.

It shocked me to be considered a violator. I make no posts. Nothing at all. I only put my name and email address into my membership. Facebook said I could appeal and to ‘click here.’ I clicked on it and to continue I had to provide a cell phone number for them to text a code for me to use to continue. Well, I don’t have a cell, so I couldn’t do that.

Now my account is gone, and I’m not allowed to ever Facebook again because I’ve violated their community guidelines. I could not have done so, though, because I posted absolutely nothing. And now I can’t access the Gabe Community page. Sigh.

Today is going to be hot again. I’ll water and read, spending most of my day indoors. But tonight, I’m going to Nancy’s for dinner with Kris and Steve. That’ll be a blast! And then it becomes the best day of the week: Sunday! My day! A day for me and Bruno. 

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