Sunday, July 31, 2022

Two Lame Souls

 I went into the village yesterday morning, to go to the farmers’ market. It was packed. I’ve never seen so many people on our streets. We’ve been invaded by tourists for the holiday weekend. There are people everywhere. It’s like a plague.

Sheba’s barely walking and so I enjoyed relaxing with Bruno through the heat of the day, and between watering duties. I read and kept my eyes and ears open to ensure that she did not do damage to another paw. It was cool in the house with all the doors and windows open, and all the fans on high helping circulate the fragrances of the forest through the house. I particularly like the sweet earthy scents at night as I fall asleep and again when I wake. It’s although I’m sleeping outdoors, but without any bugs or burning sun.

It seems weird, almost wrong, so be spending the glorious days of Summer alone and indoors. I miss seeing my fellow dog walkers and hearing island gossip, but I know those days will return once we defeat this tendency of Her Highness to self-harm. 

This morning was all about watering and a lovely long play date with Issa. She has really warmed to me. She cries when Merrill wants to take her home. And until the day before yesterday, only her mom and dad could pick her up. But no more. “Up. Up,” she says to me, lifting her arms. I am now trusted and feel very loved. 

Just as I finished the watering, I had a fall. I tried to stop myself from falling by grabbing my wire fence and would up tearing my hand badly. But it was my knee that got the most damage, and as I stuggled to rise, with feet that had cramped up I had a lot of trouble. I’d started trembling and I could not get my arms wo work to help me get up.

I got onto all fours to crawl to the house, but I was able to get myself up at the gate, and now I’m sitting in front of a fan waiting for my knee to stop bleeding. Luckily, Bruno is here and he’ll look after my spirit for the remainder of the day. I’m staying put and chillin’ until bedtime.

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