Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Joni Mitchell; Nowhere Special

Joni Mitchell is the Canadian I’m most proud of. Look at this! Seventy-eight years old and on stage for the first time in twenty years—since her aneurism. Look at Brandi Carlisle and how happy she is. Wynona Judd crying and Emilylou Harris sharing in the miracle of Joni’s singing and song. I was weeping too! How I love this woman and her music!

John arrived on the island at 11:30 with his cycling group, and while the group rode around the island and had lunch at a local home, John and I went to Surf Lodge and had lunch on the deck. John was full of admiration for the island sites he saw. We had a great, great two hours together and then I came home to chill and finish watering the gardens.

And while I watered, Sheba destroyed another foot. She is one fucked up dog right now and I’ve moved from compassion to frustration and anger about her incessant self-harming. I just don’t understand why she renders herself unable to walk. We had such a great day. She was looking great; her spirit was back and she was walking on all four paws. But no more. More days of being idle and recovery are ahead. I may have to put socks on all four of her feet.

I found a streaming site that allowed me to see Nowhere Special. It stars the incredibly handsome James Norton, and he does a terrific job in the movie. I really liked it, but it’s seriously heavy. I’ve been waiting ages to see it. It was never released in North America. Two hours of looking at James Norton: what a great way to pass time. It’s a poignant story well told.

Today is predicted to reach 35°. Her Highness and I will be taking it very easy, lazing through the day. I’m thinking of maybe going to Drumbeg for a very short walk with her and more to just hang out in the park to people watch.

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