Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Today is WET!


The Vulture was back again yesterday! Something is definitely dead nearby.

I spent the morning reading and going into the village to shop. Then, just after 2:00, Dwight rode into the driveway. He came here on his electric bike. We just hung out and talked until we ventured forth to the local Apple orchard people to get Dwight some cider. It was closed; their apples aren’t ready yet. So we went into the village to the liquor store, got some beer and came home to eat dinner on the deck. We watched a fun documentary after dinner and we both went to bed early.

Today…. Guess what. It’s raining but the sky is lightening. We’re walking with my friends and this afternoon we’ll go to Dwight’s favourite beach.

That beautiful bird that’s so, so bright yellow and has a stunning red head, is a Western Tanager. My friend Cathy identified it. This morning there were two of them at my feeder. They are stunning birds, but just during mating season.

Tonight, Dan and Steve come for dinner with us. 

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