Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday: Fun Day!


I can’t believe the headline Dyan chose. As we closed in on finalizing the copy for the ad going into our local newspaper to advertise the upcoming tenth anniversary of the clinic, she asked for an “eye catching, snappy headline.” I wrote out some possibilities and liked none of them. When I added the last one, I almost took it off because it sounded like the opening line of a pedophile joke. But she liked it best, so Nola, the designer, and me, the copywriter, we’re going with it.

I spent a lot of yesterday on clinic work. It’s like I have a job. But the two biggest tasks are done: the history article and the ad. And I started working on the four remaining articles, but I did get two short chapters of my latest Bruno book read. It was cloudy all day, but there was no rain. 

I awoke this morning to rain. The gardens have been well doused thanks to these past few days of drizzle and cloudiness. It’s a good thing because I have so much writing to do and cooking to do because I have three guests coming for dinner on Wednesday; I don’t have the time for watering right now. Her Highness and I are still not walking, so that saves me time. She has two damaged feet to heal.

It's likely to brighten later, but it’s equally likely there’ll be no sunshine—not today or tomorrow. What a shite Spring and Summer we’re having, but it’s not bothering me at all. I like a temperate Summer and I like the relief that rain brings to garden watering.

It’s Sunday—my favourite day. My day to read and relax. I feel no pressure to do clinic work. It can wait. As I post this, Choral Concert has begun on CBC 2. It’s my favourite program on the radio, and once this post is up, I’ll be with Bruno.

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