Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Not Much to Say

Whoa! I finished all the writing for the clinic concerning the upcoming anniversary celebrations. It’s been a huge undertaking for a guy not used to having so much work to do every day. I also got some yard work done yesterday in case me and my friends who are coming for dinner on Wednesday want to eat outside. I worked hard all day and by 4:00 I was thoroughly beat.

Yesterday included a phone call from Nicky who has a friend who’s suddenly started having seizures. I talked to Nick for an hour about several things, but mostly about FND and then I sent her FND links that have helped me.

With the clinic work done for now, today I can focus on cleaning up the house and yard, baking and doing prep work that I need to do for the dinner. It’s a stunning day and the forecast is for endless such days with temperatures around 30°.

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