Saturday, July 2, 2022

A Lovely Work Day

It was such a beauty of a day yesterday. The morning walk was spectacular, the fragrance of the Summer day and the birdsong had me in a fine, fine mood—a mood that was shattered by the demands of yard work and the noise of the lawn mower. But it was work that had to be done. I hope I won’t have to mow again until Autumn.

Once the mowing was done, I started mowing. It’s loud work, but it makes a hugely positive improvement in the look of Pinecone Park. I love the look of the yard when I am done mowing and edging, just as I love seeing Sheba after her grooming. Once done with all the lawns, I headed into the Cultivate Festival site so that I could have some delicious Pad Thai. I took a chair to sit in in the shade, and I had Sheba with me for company. 

I had a bried visit with Regina who was there buying chocolate, and with Cynthia who is volunteering for the festival. It was a nice respite from working, and the shortness of the visit and being alone made it all bearable, unlike visiting the site and seeing a show on Thursday.

I heard from Dyan about my Communication Plan. I am not a secure writer, and respecting her as much as I do, I worry that my significant changes and ideas will sink me. But she likes my plan, and I am glad and proud. I’m thrilled to be contributing to the clinic’s planning. Now I hope I can maneuver myself into the position of editor of the newsletter. 

Once the sun was off the back gardens, I started the massive job of watering them all. I did everything except the front and edible gardens. Consequently, I have all day today to finally finish the planting and transplanting. I’m making a new garden where my little grove of Campions grew. They all died from the drought of the snow of last year. 

The evening was a comforting one of reading, fabulous pasta and some television.

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