Thursday, July 28, 2022

Sheba Makes Progress

I kept myself indoors yesterday. I am not happy in the heat and yesterday was mighty hot. Sheba hobbled around on three legs when she needed to move but she spent much of the day asleep on the floor in the relative coolness of the house. I watered all the gardens, of course; some in the early morning and the rest in the late afternoon. It’s no wonder I had a heart attack last Summer when it was 42° here. When it hits 30°, I feel completely and utterly enervated.

It was 34° here today and doing anything made me sweat. But if I stay idle and indoors, my fans and the thick walls of my house keep us all cool. The cats spend all their time on the porch. All we all want to do, is stay cool. Sheba avoids the rugs and likes to press her beautiful pink belly onto the coolness of the wooden floors.

Last night I watched part two of Angels in America. It’s an unusual play. It won a Pulitzer Prize and I’m not surprised. It is extremely heady. Most of the dialogue is completely unnatural. To me, the characters are tropes, not people. I felt nothing at all for anyone all through both productions. I stuck with it, and its long; the staging in the production I saw is masterful, but not enough to overcome my feelings of ambivalence for the show. But the acting was spectacular!

Today is going to be just as hot, and so is tomorrow, but then it is predicted to cool down considerably. Tuesday is forecast to be a wonderful 22°. However, the good news concerns Sheba’s feet. We are getting close to being able to walk with our friends again. Today will be crucial. I will watch her all day to ensure that she does no more damage to herself.

I finished a challenging article for STAMMA. I got a specific request from Stephen on what to write and it was truly a hard go. I had too many thoughts about the subject, and it was hard to find a coherent path through it all. But I think I did it. I’m looking forward to hearing from Steven about it.

It looks like I cannot go to my reunion with Lois, Lowan, Sheila and David as I’d hoped to do. The ferries are booked solid. I’m very disappointed. I was very keen to see them again, but I won’t line up for a ferry in Summer without a reservation. However, to be honest, I’m also relieved. I was not looking forward to the travelling there and back. 

Hoyas are a favourite flower. I can't grow one
here. I don't get enough sun in the house.

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