Tuesday, July 12, 2022

To Nanaimo

I got two more writing assignments from the clinic. Writing for their website, a media release, and a report for the Foundation to circulate to its forty partners of the Gabriola Community Health Collaborative. They are keeping me busy.

We walked with our friends yesterday morning, and then I came home to nap before watering my yard and then Peter’s and Ali’s yard. They, however, came home today so that responsibility if over.

I didn’t feel up to doing much yesterday, so I enjoyed reading in the afternoon and then doing the last of the watering in the cool of the early evening. Then I did some writing. I am leading my fellow B.C. stutterers in a campaign to change how speech therapists approach clients in late adolescence and young adulthood—people who are likely to stutter for life.

Here's my sound bite: Speech therapists want to ‘fix’ our speech; we want them to make the client well adjusted. We want to see a client-led model, not a ‘fit it’ approach as an option of therapeutic practice. And we want speech language therapists to refer all their clients in late adolescence and young adulthood to the Canadian Stuttering Association and our support groups.

I feel very good doing all the writing I’m doing. I worked in the not-for-profit sector much of my life and my mantra for being a board member or volunteer is ‘to earn your place at the table.’ My writing does just that for me, and I quite love it. For me, each job is like doing a crossword puzzle: I move the words around and only the board decides if all my answers are correct. It’s fun and I’m a decent player.

Today I go to Nanaimo for my Covid booster. Plus, I’ll do some shopping at the big box stores while I’m on the big island. It’s another beauty day, so it isn’t onerous in any way for me to go, with Her Highness riding shotgun. Yesterday was hot but today is likely to be milder. 

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