Thursday, July 21, 2022


Wednesday got off to a frustrating start. I went to Nester’s every day for three days, trying to get Cilantro and Radishes, but they had neither. It’s like at the beginning of the pandemic right now, with very many things in short supply. Lately it’s been like my experience in Cuba where you chose what to make once you saw what food was available. In Cuba, it’s pointless to decide what you’re going to have for a meal before going to the store. When I got home from the store, I started my sixth Bruno book. I wanted to have a reasonably stressless day in advance of guests coming for the evening so that my speech would last. 

In advance of my Wednesday night dinner party, I moved my outdoor dining table from the back deck to the former fire pit that I cleaned up to use as a patio. I left the deck set up for our happy hour together, then I had people carry their chairs down into the yard for dinner. I loved hosting people in the yard. It was a first time and felt like an elegant picnic because the yard is so, so lush and green—not brown and dried out as is usually the case this time of year.

I was really looking forward to the dinner as I slid into the hot tub for some relaxation before Kris, Steve and Nancy arrived. I’m very proud of the salad and its dressing that I made. I learned how to make it from a really lovely woman, a seventh generation Provencal whose family had been making the salad for generations. And the curry I’m serving is my own invention, and I find it delicious. And then, of course, there’s the Peach and Almond tart. I’ve made it several times and it’s always a hit.

The dinner went over very, very well, but I talked too much. I’ve been regretting it ever since. As my guests pulled out of my driveway to head home, I almost ran to bed. I was thoroughly beat, and so Thursday was really slow. I watered all the gardens and read all day, comfortably set on my bed with Sheba beside me so I can monitor her paw abuse.

Thursday night, I went for Pad Thai at the golf club. It’s a place and a meal I really enjoy, and I treated Eoin and François to dinner to thank them for picking up the log splitter and for helping me split all my wood. The evening was nothing short of spectacular. It started with driving to the club. It was such a wonderfully warm and cozy Summer night. The air was still and not excessively warm and the place was not busy. It was a heavenly evening.

And this morning was as blissful. I had a long soak in the spa to start my day of idleness. With Sheba limping so badly, she wants to do nothing but lie around. She has been in significant distress, but her foot is slowly healing and soon we’ll be back to walking together.

I’ve been asked to write yet another article for STAMMA. I could not be prouder. I start today. I like writing for STAMMA much more than for the clinic. 

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