Wednesday, July 13, 2022

I Bitch to the Foundation

Tuesday was a gorgeous day! I left bright and early for Nanaimo, looking forward to the adventure of getting my Covid booster, doing pet shopping at the big box store and looking for two trees for either side of the friendship gate in the fence. I took my Inspector Bruno book to read during waits in the ferry lineup, and I was excited about getting a burger for lunch. I love an infrequent meal of junk food during the Summer.

Before our departure, I revised the letter that I’m writing for distribution to the professional members of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia, and Speech and Hearing BC. My peers and I are not impressed by how speech language therapists conduct themselves with late adolescents and adults. We think that they can do better by treating the patient and not just our speech. Also, we want them to advise their clients about the Canadian Stuttering Association and out support groups.

The time in Nanaimo passed comfortably. I love the new ferries and how easy getting to the big island, and the Covid booster nurse was a gem. I had no pain at all in my arm and no reaction at all. But when I got home, I was exhausted. I went right to bed. Ali came by to fetch her key that she’d left with me while she and Peter were away, and we had a lovely visit with Merrill and Issa. I watched a bit of TV and went to bed at 8:00!

Today is another stunning day. Sheba goes to the groomer this morning and then Eoin and Fran├žois are coming over with the wood splitter. They have a trailer hitch and can tow it here. When I called the hardware store to reserve the splitter, the man on the phone said: “I have two different size balls.” That left me rather confused. I had no idea to what he was referring. Now I know, but when he said it, I was shocked.

I wrote a bit of a scathing letter to Dyan. I am pissed that the clinic has not communicated with me at all about my status with them, and two visits to find out if and how I am to function with Dr. Majic have led to me learning nothing. It all seems so creepy to me as I work with the Foundation to create policies of effective communication with very lofty ideals.

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