Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sunday! Yay!

I love Deer, even the one that ravaged my garden. And this little story thrilled me to watch it. Look at Kate’s majestic face; she loves her little fawn pal.

I feel an end coming to my clinic work. I can’t say that I’m enjoying it very much. Dyan’s inclination to have the accountant do the newsletter killed my enthusiasm for continuing. We are the communications, community liaison and fundraising committee, but the accountant does the newsletter. This, in an organization that is awash in policies to ensure everything is done in perfect order.

My writing for STAMMA is far, far more rewarding. That’s a factor in my disenchantment with the clinic. Yesterday, I was asked to draft text for a handout that will be given to people attending the anniversary party. I wrote it, and Dyan rejected it. Her email suggested it be much shorter and she listed seven headlines that she thought identified the major points for inclusion, and she suggested that one sentence on each headline was all that was required.

Her suggestion on form and length should have come with the request to draft the article. I wasted a good bit of my day writing the article, only to get specific directions after it was written. I replied to her email saying she should just finish it herself. It felt very good to do that. But I’ll stick with the clinic for a while longer to see how things go.

Sheba is not eating like she usually does, but I see definite progress with the really bad foot. I looked at it carefully yesterday and saw that there was a problem between two of the pads of the foot. And it is, indeed, swollen. But the progress in healing I see is encouraging. I’m trying to get Zink into her, but she hates it. Tomorrow I’m going to try giving it to her in peanut butter.

Steve (my ex) arrived in Vancouver yesterday. He’s there until Aug. 1, then he comes here for four days. We’re talking on FaceTime often. We’re both excited.

And today is Sunday. My no-guilt day. I’ll be reading, watering and harvesting Raspberries.

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