Sunday, July 3, 2022

Avian Visitor


Above is a field very close to my house. It’s an enormous spread that is slowly becoming a farm. The south part is now covered in raised beds, and way in the back is a small orchard. But this vast expanse of flat land is a constant joy to my eye. I love all the natural wildflowers, mostly Daisies and Dandelions. 

This Turkey Vulture was around my yard for at least an hour. Here (s)he is sitting on my fence late yesterday afternoon. Its presence made me wonder what was dead around Pinecone Park. There may be a deceased Deer in the woods nearby.

I did a very thorough watering of my yard. What a fluke it was that I bought a home with a deep, deep well. Merrill and Leo run out of water frequently because their well is a fraction of the depth of mine. I began all my planting with no knowledge of my blessing. And now, perhaps, a rest from watering. Rain is predicted to start tomorrow and last for three days. I’m so fine with that!

I finally finished converting the former Campion garden into a regular bed. And then I futzed around Pinecone Park, clearing my front walk of all the little Fir cone tips that are everywhere this year, moving the rest of the twigs and branches from the felling into the shed, leaf blowing the wooden garden walkway and the courtyard, and doing general tidying and spot weeding. 

Plus, I bought more plants. I got seven perennials for the new garden I’ve made and that led to watering all my plantings and all the plantings in the hot, direct morning sunshine. By 2:00 I was beat and hot, but high thin clouds had moved in and so I was glad to have done the watering because it won’t evaporate quickly. Finally, well into July, the yard looks as good as I usually have it looking in May. Now it’s just maintenance and the joy of doing detail work for the rest of the season.

I was done at three and it felt so, so good to come in and cool down in front of the fam before enjoying a lovely cool shower. And then to settle down with my book. But my rest did not last for long. Ali and Peter are gone for a week, and I had to go over to their yard to water their newly planted clover field. That was how I ended my working day—in their yard doing more garden work.

But the night was sweet. I had a delicious dinner and lots of couch time with all the pets. Sheba’s got yet another damaged paw, so we’re not walking. I fell asleep praying for rain and a respite from watering.

And now, it’s Sunday. My no-guilt, do whatever I want today. I am going to seriously enjoy it with Bruno, my favourite cop. And good news: It rained this morning so I am off duty here and at Ali’s and Peter’s from watering.

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