Monday, August 1, 2022

Steve Arrives

Sunday was a slow, slow day. I was delighted to have had such a nice morning with Issa, because the afternoon was uncomfortable. Sheba was still hobbling on three legs and without much of an appetite, and my knee and right hand were painful. The worst part were the cramps. By feet cramped up unbelievably tightly; I had a tough time getting my toes to uncurl. It was so painful that I was making noises. Cramps can really hurt. Sigh.

I waited until late in the afternoon, when the sun was no longer shining on the spa, to slip into the refreshing water to sooth my aching body and soul. I’ve turned down the temperature so it’s just gently warm on a hot, hot day. And yesterday was hot!

I video chatted with Bruce and Steve several times as they took in Vancouver’s Pride Parade. It goes past Bruce’s building. I went once after FND set in and wound-up laying in Bruce’s apartment glugging my ears and trying to keep calm. I miss my years of love for that parade and being out and about with so many gays and lesbians. But no more. Now, my primary communities are the stuttering and FND communities.

By 8:00, it started hurting like bejesus when I moved my knee. Senior down! Steve, my ex who loves to be busy, is coming to stay with a damaged host. I squeal like a pig when I move my knee, and I hobble, I don’t walk. It’s extremely painful. 

I’ve awakened able to walk normally. Hurrah! And Sheba is close to normal as well. Now, if only I can keep her from doing more damage to herself, we’ll be good. Steve arrives today to stay until Friday. It’s going to be busy and when he leaves, I will sleep for at least two days. But I’m really looking forward to being together.

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