Thursday, August 4, 2022

Mahle House: YUM!

Wednesday was a gentle day until the late afternoon—except for one thing. We went for a nice long walk with Sheba in the morning on an overcast and cool day, and we came up on a downed tree across the trail. Because my knee is still healing from my fall last Sunday, I did not want to bend it to go under the tree, so I climbed onto it and jumped off. That was a mistake.

It really hurt both my hips. The force of landing did something nasty to them, but we carried on and came home to eat left-over pizza for lunch. We chilled for the balance of the day and then caught the four o’clock ferry to the big island. We went to Westwood Lake Park, a favourite place of mine, and we walked the 6K trail around the lake to tire out Her Highness, and then we went to Mahle House restaurant for our dinner.

Just like last year, our dinner was as good as dining gets. The staff are wonderfully warm, and so are the other diners. We talked with the people at four tables around us. Wednesdays at this restaurant, they serve a five-course pris fixe dinner and it has been extraordinary every time we’ve gone. We sat down at around 7:15 and left two hours later. When we got back to the ferry, we had a long wait for the last ferry of the day. We got home at midnight, and I was totally baked. Oh, it felt good to get into bed.

Today is like yesterday, it’s overcast and cool. We’re having a slow day at home. It’s our last day together. Tomorrow Steve catches a bus from Nanaimo to Victoria where he is going to visit our friends Don and Fernando. We’ll visit Drumbeg after lunch and then I’m making a nice dinner for us and we’ll watch a movie.

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