Wednesday, August 3, 2022

A rough Night

Tuesday was lovely. I did some watering and then Steve came with Sheba and I for a good walk. It was only Sheba’s second real walk in over two weeks. Then we went into the village to shop for our dinner last night, before coming home for lunch and a rest. Then we were off to Sandwell beach on an absolutely stunning day. Bright and warm in the sunshine, but not too hot.

At Sandwell, I read in the shade while Steve went for a long walk down the beach combing for treasures. On the way back, I encountered three young women who were quite taken with Sheba. Only one of them could speak English fairly well, and they had many questions. I answered them all as best I could and left them feeling wonderful. It felt so, so good to be helpful to guests to our island and I walked away almost in tears over how relations between strangers, especially people of colour, can go so wrong. I was thrilled to meet them.

Just past 6:00, Eoin, François and Jay arrived; we had set a lovely table set in the garden. The evening was wonderful in a way. I think our guests enjoyed themselves, but Steve + liquor is  not easy for me. He embarrasses me. He talks to much and often misses the mark. It makes me so uncomfortable, that my speech becomes dreadful, and when I try to speak, I see and hear people pulling away. I get spoken over and the conversation moves on without me. It was one of the most awkward social experiences I’ve had as a speech impaired person. Still, I loved being in my garden with such good friends. I reckon when Eoin and François or Jay and I get together, we’ll be talking about Steve.

Today is dull and overcast. Tonight, we go to Cedar to eat at a wonderful restaurant. We’ll be getting home late, Sigh. But we love the place. We visited it last year and were absolutely delighted with it.

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