Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hot Again

Tuesday was another stunning day, but today is going to be too hot. It’s still very early in the morning (7:00) and it’s already hot. It’s expected to reach between 33° and 35° today, so I may be spending the afternoon indoors starting a new Bruno book.

Sheba remained in good shape. I am constantly monitoring her, checking to ensure that she is not biting her feet. So, we began yesterday with an inspiring morning walk before going into the village to shop and then resuming work on the gardens and yard. 

Good ol’ Pinecone Park is looking mighty, mighty good. It’s amazing that after total neglect for three months, the park can be beautifully restored to full glory with only a week of conscientious work. Clearing out the dead fronds from under all the ferns has done wonders for the look of the place.

And last night, I watered the gardens so that this morning, I am free of starting the day with an hour of watering. Today’s focus is to tidy up the studio and get all the cobwebs and spider eggs out of it. Martha, Ben and their baby, Walter, will be sleeping in there this weekend, so I want it to feel welcoming and clean.

David and Ursula, my new neighbours, are really lovely people. We had quite a chat yesterday and had lots of laughs together. They’re going to build a shed backing against my property, so I won’t be able to watch their every move anymore. They expect to build their yurt in the Spring.

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