Thursday, August 11, 2022

Horses, Therapy, Newspaper Article

Our local paper was delivered yesterday. My article is the lead story and—surprise, surprise—it’s got a byline: my name and Dyan’s. I’m not used to having my name attached to my technical writing projects but I’m happy to see my name in the paper of my new community. My friends will see that I’m involved. Also, I think the paper may welcome other articles that I might write now that they know me—things the Foundation has poo-pooed. 

Also, my neighbour, another Dianne, with some helpers, walked her two small horses and the foal of one of them who was sired by a donkey. She’s a mule and absolutely adorable. Each time they came by, first with the male, then with the mare and filly, I ran outside to pat and hug the beauties. Dianne says that I am welcome any time I want to come over and be with them. Oh, how I love horses.

In the evening I watched Mosquitos by, of course, the National Theatre.

This morning, I wrote to a speech language therapist (SLT) in Nanaimo. I am curious to see if she might be able to offer me any tips and techniques. I’m also considering applying for a disability benefit (lower taxes) which requires an assessment by a SLT

Today I’ve got a major job of watering to do, there’s a lot of housework to do, and I want to do some cleaning up of the gardens. I’ll be busy today. But no walking. Sheba’s been at another foot and is walking on three legs again. Sigh. It was supposed to rain today. It’s not going to happen! Now they say it’ll be Saturday.

Lake Kerid also called The Eye of the World, Iceland.

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