Sunday, August 14, 2022

A Beauty of a Day!

I could hardly wait to get at the Ferns yesterday morning. I finished them up in the lovely cool morning air. They look magnificent now, they are wonderful, majestic plants. I plan to add more of them to P.P.

Everywhere I look, there is something to be done in the yard. I’m thrilled to be back to working outdoors making P.P. look better each day. I reckon that it’s the cooler temperatures that have brought my gardening mojo back. Through the heat of early Summer, I could not muster the energy to go outside.

I skipped going to the Farmers’ Market for the first time in months. I chose to keep working in the yard and enjoying the odd brief break to chill a little in front of the fan. I raked up all the cones on the driveway, pruned the Ocean Spray that was overtaking one of my gardens, weeded another garden, and trimmed and swept the courtyard. And, of course, I watered.

I loved the entire day. Time passed so, so pleasantly. The air smelled fresh and sweet; the only sound was the tinkling of water in the fountain. At 2:00 I took a long break with Bruno. It felt like it might rain. Plus, I was pooped. I finished another of  his novels. Then I went back to work.

I’m truly amazed by how much I love doing the yard work. I go at all things in life at a much slower pace. For the first time in my life, I am not in a hurry. I want time to slow down. I pray for many more years here in Paradise. I am going to do more work today and I’ll keep going as long as the energy lasts.

I suspect it’s the lessened intensity of the sunshine and cooler temperatures that have me enjoying being outside so much more. At my pacemaker checkup, I had nine events in one week—an ‘event’ is when my heart beat is so weak that the pacemaker has to kick in. And, although it was hot during that week of 9 events, I was indoors. I fear to think how hard I would have been pushing my heart if I’d chosen to work in that heat. Sheba is outside with me always. We greet neighbours and we both enjoy that. Every day ends in the spa. The evening is enriched by the feeling of earning my couch time. 

I have three trees doing poorly. They are slowly dying. When David is here, I’m going to ask him to help me use my girlie chainsaw to euthanize them. I do not like the thought of killing trees. They are like pets to me. Dying pets. But once they’re down, I’m not planting replacement trees. I’m going to use the large open lawn for croquet. I can set the course up every Summer. No more schlepping my kit off to Rollo Park. I’ll be able to invite friends for lunch and croquet. Or, drinks while playing croquet, then dinner. Croquet at Pinecone Park.

I’ve been reading about Ducks. They shit every 15 minutes. Tipping point to No. I’ll realize my ‘other animal’ fetish with Dianne’s horses.

Look at the size of momma's paws!

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