Tuesday, August 9, 2022

To Nanaimo

Monday began miraculously, considering its full Summer and there are thousands of visitors here right now. I left home at 8:00, caught the 8:10 ferry and was in the grocery store in Nanaimo by 8:30! I did my shopping and then Sheba and I went for a lovely walk in Bowen Park alongside the river where Her Highness could get lots of water.

My appointment with the pacemaker technician went well. I now have access to my health record with Island Health. I can see my HIV blood counts now, and I have access to all my test results and images. I went to the hospital yesterday because last time I was in, one quadrant of my heart was beating out of time, so they tweaked my pacemaker. Yesterday’s checkup was a three-month follow up. Because the timing was better, I don’t have to go back for six months.

When I got home, I did some watering and then took a long nap. Mornings like yesterday really tucker me out. I spent the afternoon reading, having a spa, talking to Dwight and chillin’.

Last night I watched All My Sons on the National Theatre’s streaming service. What a great, great play and production. I, of course, loved every second of it. I haven’t seen a play on a realistic set, in ages. It was gorgeous. How I love the National!!

Blue Spotted Octopus

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