Friday, August 5, 2022

Steve Departs

Thursday became a lovely day. There was lots of sunshine, but the air was nice and refreshing.

I began the day with a Zoom session with my UK stuttering group while Steve went into the village to do some site seeing and shopping. We had lunch—my first in the new restaurant here called Ground Up—before heading to Drumbeg for a walk and to revel in its glory. I love that park and its beautiful views. 

We came home and I made my favourite salad and chicken curry for our final meal together. We ate outdoors after a lovely visit with Merrill and Issa.

Steve leaves this morning as we head back into a hot, burning bright stretch of weather and lots and lots of watering to do. But what a shock: it was 11° here this morning at 6:00 when I got up.

Us on the balcony of Surf Lodge having lunch.

Steve's bouquet of things picked on a morning forest walk.

Our dacquoise dessert cake. Yum!

Fat but happy me and Her Highness on the beach.

Steve took this of me reading on Sandwell Beach. 
He'd been off beach combing while I read.

When we had our dinner party (below) Merrill 
dropped by with Issa—the girl I adore.

(L to R) Eoin, me, Steve, Fran├žoise and Jay.

Our 6K walk around Westwood Lake in Nanaimo.

Steve loves his alcohol. This was at Mahle House where
we went for a spectacular dinner.

We  harvested my Garlic yesterday.

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