Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Excellent Meeting

I was full of hope and excitement in advance of yesterday morning’s meeting. I was hoping earnestly that we could discuss ‘communication’ in some depth. I had many questions and ideas. Since reading the ad in our local newspaper that the Foundation wanted experienced volunteers, I’ve been thinking about how I want to be of help to them. And now I have ambition. I want them to consider a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter and I want to be the editor.

Don, Carol and Dyan arrived as scheduled at 9:00, and the meeting went very well. But what a complicated situation the clinic is in. It’s a very complex organization and our ministry, the Health ministry, is in chaos. However, after two hours of chatting, I’m writing a draft communications strategy for us and I’m very happy to have a technical writing role.

Plus, everyone is keen on a newsletter. I want to take that on, so by volunteering to do the draft communications plan, I feel I am positioning myself well for the job.

Today, we had a truly lovely morning, bright and warm, but the clouds came back for the afternoon and there’s naught but shitty weather in the forecast. Seriously, we have had a disaster of a Spring. But, my gardens are thriving and I haven’t had to do any watering, so I’ll be grateful for that.

I’ve been called in to see my GP. I’m nervous when he wants to see me. I hope he’s having me come in to tell me he’s arranged for me to transfer to another doctor. Fat chance though! I just had some kidney tests, and we know that my kidneys are failing, so that may be the reason. But I suspect it’s about my having high blood pressure. It went up to 190 the other day and is often that high. I’m in touch with my mortality, that’s for sure. 

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