Friday, June 24, 2022

Two Local Eagles Adopt a Hawk, Make News Around the World

This is our group dinner on Wednesday night: Left to right: Steve (host), 

Steve (Dan’s partner), Dan, me, Kris (host) and Conner (hosts’ son).

Thursday was divine. The weather was spectacular, and Neil is a very easy to please guest. We took Sheba for a long and very lovely walk, and then, after a brief respite at home, we went to The Surf pub for lunch. It was chilly on the deck, so we ate indoors right against the front windows overlooking the sea what was churning with waves and whitecaps.

Then we came home to chill. Mid-afternoon, I took Sheba for another long walk to tucker her out so that she’d sleep while Neil and I went to the golf club for Kenny’s Pad Thai with Eoin, François and Jay. And what a lovely night it was! The view of the lake on the deck of the golf club is inspiring. I had the best night until a group of young people arrived to eat, smoke and make a lot of noise. They drove us out, so we were home early for a brief chat and early to bed.

We’re in crisis here. Our island has been infected with Avian flu. Federal officials are here doing inspections and ordering the culling (now called de-populating) and overseeing the burying in lye of the carcasses. People with fowl do are not allowed visitors and the curbside selling of eggs is currently illegal. 

However, in other bird news, a local Bald Eagle mother brought home a life baby Hawk for her chicks to kill and eat, but instead of eating the chick, the mother Eagle is raising the chick as her own. Our cross-species adoption has made the news all around the world! We’re amazed. You can see the nest here:

Neil leaves early this morning and I will spend the day relaxing at home. I’ll do some shopping and yard work though, as well. Next up for me, is a clinic committee meeting on Sunday afternoon. 

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