Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Queen: A Series I'll Watch

Queen looks like a series I could enjoy. It’s coming to Netflix.

Tuesday was dull. It was cloudy and there were showers all through the day. All I did was go shopping, laze around, do housework and read. I’ve made my peace with Junuary; I like that it is not hot and that my lawns and gardens have thrived better than in any other Spring. Plus, I am content to be at home, indoors with my pets and reading wonderful books. I love Martin Walker’s books just as much as Louise Penny’s. I may even love them more. 

Having avoided Facebook all my life online, I bit the bullet and joined a few days ago. I joined so that I could access the Gabriola Community Facebook page and leave comments. But yesterday, I got a notice that my account was suspended “for violating Facebook’s community standards,” and they gave me a link to the standards. The standards outline inappropriate behavior, and they list suggestions, but I have never posted anything, nor have I provided any data about me but my name and email address.

Their notification contained a link to dispute the suspension, so I clicked on it. But to continue, I had to provide a cell phone number to receive a code from them. Not having a cell, I am locked out. My disinclination to participate was wise. I’m content to not be part of it more than ever.

I met Kris less than a year ago. She is my friend Stacy’s sister. And one time when we were together, I mentioned the name of a friend of mine, Neil M. Then, three months ago, I was introduced to Dan, the brother of a high school friend of mine, Barb. And again, and I can’t remember why I mentioned Neil in either case, Dan knew Neil as well.

When I mentioned his name to Kris, she immediately shrieked with joy and clapped her hands. She enthusiastically loves Neil. And Dan turns out to be an ex of Neil. So, Neil arrives this afternoon, and tonight we go to dinner at Kris’s place to dine. Steve, Kris’ delightful husband will be there, as will Daniel. I reckon we’re in for a great time together, using a lot of verbs in the past tense.

I’m dreading the coming hot weather. Hot cars, panting pets, sweat, burns, fatigue. I’ve got tons of things to do, so I’ll be keeping busy. The coming challenge is splitting all the chucked felled trees. I’m likely not going to be successful with an axe. I’ll likely have to rent a splitter—I hope there’s one for rent on the island. But it’s good wood and there’s quite a bit of it.

I was expecting a response from Dyan on my suggestions for the next steps we might take to move forward with the newsletter. It was my response to receiving the agenda for our next meeting. I heard nothing back for ten days, so I wrote to her last week. That led me to expect commentary this past Saturday, and I still haven’t received a response. I’ve been worried and wondering why. But last night, I remembered that in my proposed next steps, I asked to be editor. The next steps that I proposed outline how I would function in that capacity—as their mouthpiece. I proposed to take all direction from them. I’d, of course, be one of the voices of ‘them.’ I seemed a safe decision for them to make. I told them I could do the job and that I’d done it successfully for several clients—and I offered to provide references.

I can understand that it would take time for that to be approved.  

Summer is likely finally here. Today is looking decent, which is very nice for Neil’s visit, and as of tomorrow it’s likely to be relentlessly sunny and hot for the coming week. Temperatures of around 27° are forecast. Yikes! Time to start watering the gardens!

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