Saturday, June 4, 2022

Yet More Rain

It cleared up in the afternoon, so I went outside to look around with Her Highness. We walked out along the gravel driveway, and I stopped. Something made me look down, and there, huddled in the gravel, was a hummingbird. Something was obviously wrong, so I picked it up very gently and put the little miracle on the table on my deck. For the rest of the afternoon, I kept watch, hoping it would recover from whatever was affecting it, and fly away. After sitting on the table for about fifteen minutes, off it went. Thank goodness.

Later in the day, the clouds came rolling back in and last night we had another torrential downpour. Almost the entire coming week is predicted to be dark and damp. I thought Covid was bad news, but this endless bad Spring is torture too! The plants and lawns are thriving, but my soul is sad.

I’m going to the farmers’ market this morning to get muffins to serve to my fellow clinic volunteers on Monday. That’s when we have our first working meeting of the Communications, Community Liaison and Fundraising committee. For the rest of today, I’ll read and worry about my semi-functioning fridge. But tonight, I join Stacy, Bryce and Nancy for dinner at Stacy’s place. It is always fun getting together with them!

Yet another day indoors. Sigh.

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