Thursday, June 2, 2022

Repair Day

I wanted work hard in the yard today because I’ve been too slothful of late. I must mow the lawns and do some more planting. It’s ridiculous how lazy I’ve become, and maddening. But it may not happen. It’s 5:15 am as I write, and it’s very dark and damp out there.

I must stay home all day. Doug is coming early to look at my generator, and Zach is coming mid-day to change the gasket on my fridge and the switch on my stove. With luck, my stove will soon be working, otherwise I’ll have a major challenge on my hands.

Yesterday I just ditzed my day away. I accomplished very little, but I had a good time. I was on the ground checking out the base of the oven and found the model number of the stove; that was a good thing. They couldn’t have put that vital information into a less accessible place!

Dr. Majic’s office phoned yesterday and asked me to come in to see him next week. Being called in always makes me nervous. I recently gave him my blood pressure readings for a week, and I know they were high, so that could be why. I also had more kidney function tests, and that also could be a reason. And, as it’s my last visit with him, it could be about how to continue monitoring my kidney function as I start life without a doctor.

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