Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Clinic Pleasures

I’m thrilled with the outcome of the clinic meeting. I got what I wanted and now I have a rather daunting task ahead of me, but I see a route. I have two weeks to write a draft base that I’ll send to my colleagues. Then we will have a meeting, and we’ll see where we go from there.

Our leader, Dyan, is entirely charismatic. Our committee is charged with communications, community/liaison and fundraising; I am one of three committee members. We serve Dyan, the board member. I figure she needs three area managers, and I volunteered to be the Communications peron, and I asked Don to be in charge of Fundraising—it was logical—and Carol perfect for community relations. She is active with several other island societies. 

I also hope that I become Dyan’s strongest ally. I think liked my stepping in to assign roles; it took the weight off her shoulders. And by taking on the communications planning, I’m first at bat. Everyone will help me, but I’ll put it all into words. 

I look forward to making a pitch about out voice across all our media. I’ve come on board at a critical time in the development of the centre. It makes me really feel good to be with them. 

In late 1974 I went to Ottawa and sat the civil service entrance exams. One past the test, I went on to my first interview where I was asked: What do you want to do? Most of my peer exam sitters had specific ministries in mind. I told them I wanted to be the right-hand man for someone brilliant. My zeniths have been working for Marilyn Baker when she was mayor of the District of North Vancouver, and I have it now with Dyan.

Doing the draft communications plan will evolve with the input of many, but it is starting with me, and it will then go to Dyan … and everyone else. By taking this initiative I hope to have positioned myself as ongoing editor as it evolves. Plus, I get to layout all that I’ve been thinking about since this process began months ago. I’ve got clear ideas.

I had a lovely visit with Issa and Merrill yesterday afternoon. They just dropped by for a short visit, and I was thrilled. I am so, so smitten with Issa, and she is clearly a fan of both Sheba and me. There’s something special about my relationship with Leo and Merrill. I feel wonderful when friends feel comfortable enough with me to just drop by. I felt honoured to have them.

Today’s not a bad day. There’s lots of blue sky and so I may get the last of my plants into the ground. I’ve also got a last appointment with my local GP this morning and a Zoom chat scheduled for the afternoon. It’s been a busy time at Pinecone Park since Saturday. 

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