Saturday, June 18, 2022

Off to Nanoose.

It’s different, not walking Her Highness. Friday morning, regardless of the sunshine, I baked a cake to take to Nanoose Bay today before donning my work gloves and venturing outdoors. Dianne’s posse of many friends is gathering at a waterfront cabin she rents every year. The chocolate cake I baked for everyone went over very well last year, so I’m taking another.

Then I had to go into the village for some U nails. I am constructing some ‘cages’ to keep Deer away from the new plantings in the front yard. Both are trees, so in time, I will not need the Deer screens, but for now, I do. It’s wonderful working outside when there’s glorious heavenly warm sunshine keeping me warm and inspired.

But go, go going makes me tired. By 2:00 I was pooped. I get up at 5:00, so 2:00 feels late in the day. I stopped working in the yard to have a wee nap and then to make icing for the cake. Then I had a spa and did some more reading before heading off to Stacy’s for dinner. 

I had a blast at Stacy’s because her sister, Kris, and Kris’ husband, Steve, came by for a chat and drinks before Stacy and I sat down for dinner. I took my curried chicken for us, and Stacy made a salad, and it was a nice, informal, comfortable evening. We’ve all become such great friends! And I’m going to Kris’ and Steve’s for dinner on Wednesday with Neil. They are long-time friends of Neil.

Here are some photos of Pinecone Park. I’m off to Nanoose Bay for the day to see Dianne and our posse.

The fragrant something I got as a tiny shoot.

Laburnum1 I'm getting another for the front yard.

Garden Under the Trees. It's the big garden.

Garden Under the Trees.

Garden Under the Trees.

Fern Garden where nothing else will grow.

Studio garden.

Deck garden. I love the tree.

Clematis on my deck.

My new caged Flame Maple.

Front garden. I know, not much to see, but the new Lilac in
its anti-deer cage is blooming on the left.




These Frens are as high as my nose!

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