Sunday, June 26, 2022

Hot but Productive

Work went slowly yesterday because I kept getting overheated, that’s to say dripping in sweat. I took plenty of short breaks; I learned last year, that being hot is hard on my heart. I did three or four loads of wood, and then took a break. When there’s no deadline, the work is pleasant. I’m looking forward to doing more today.

I trotted out my radio to listen to while I worked. I love Saturday Afternoon at the Opera and This Is My Music on the CBC. And I love seeing how much better the part of yard that fronts on the street looks with the dead trees down and the slow emergence of green as the fallen wood is removed. I also weed whacked the areas now free of wood. The curb appeal of Pinecone Park is much better now.

By noon, it was 26° and I was pooped after only two hours of work, but my middle name is Perseverence. I took a real break early in the afternoon to read and relax. I was exhausted and excessively hot, but I was also very pleased with my progress, and mighty happy about the amount of wood the two dead trees yielded for Winter fires. My lovely log home stays cool in the heat. I turned all the fans on and opened my Inspector Bruno book.

It didn’t cool down. It just kept getting hotter through the afternoon, so work progressed very, very slowly. I was quite content to stop when the time came, and very happy to have a nice cool shower. Rain is predicted for Tuesday; I hope it comes. I really hope it comes so that I don’t have to do more heavy watering. Today and tomorrow are predicted to reach 31°!

I’m watering in the morning, and then going on the big community dog walk. I come home for lunch and then I have a clinic meeting at Dyan’s house at 1:00, so I won’t have much time for the yard work I’m so keen to do. I won’t be free to do it until the hottest part of the day. 

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