Monday, June 27, 2022

Fowl Guest

This chicken has been here for two days. She’s a gentle clucker whose

Company is welcome at Pinecone Park. I imagine she’s a neighbour’s bird.

I absolutely love her company and I hope she returns.

Yesterday, Sunday, my favourite day of the week, did not disappoint. The weather was spectacular, but too hot in the afternoon. I was out watering the most exposed gardens at 6:00 am and then Her Highness and I went to join our friends and their dogs for the morning dog walk. It was lovely in the moderate morning air (20°); everyone was in the finest of spirits. I was sticky warm when I got into the ear to come home.

Once back at P.P., I had lunch and gathered my affairs for the clinic meeting. It was a great meeting. Our committee is slowly making progress and I discovered that Dyan is going to be the next Chair of the organization, so I’ll be working closely with the boss and I’m very happy about that.

I was very glad to get back home after the meeting. I fed my guest, the chicken, and did some reading. I did not want to get tired and sweaty on my day of indulgence.

And speaking of indulgence …. At our clinic meeting, I brought up my experience with the local mental health nurse. I told Dyan and Carol how shocked and hurt I was to hear the nurse call my symptoms ‘indulgences,’ and that my complaint to my doctor fell on deaf ears. And Carol told me that several other people have had equally as disappointing experiences with her. I’m glad Dyan knows!

I left the meeting with two writing assignments: To do a first draft of an article on how to cope when one loses one’s doctor, and to prepare a short synopsis of objectives and a strategy for achieving our objectives for the clinic Communications plan.

Today, I’ll walk with Her Highness and our friends and then I’ll come home to work on the removal of the bucked trees. I’m really looking forward to doing the work after a day off. Felling the trees and now clearing out the wood has really cleaned up the front yard. And with the new Flame Maple and Lilac trees I planted, Pinecone Park is presenting much better to guests and passers-by.

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