Sunday, June 19, 2022

Travelling Without Money

I was sad to see rain yesterday morning as I got my cake and dog supplies ready for the trip to Nanoose Bay to see my friends. Every few years, June becomes Junuary, and that’s what we have this year. But I don’t have to water the gardens, which is nice, and the plants love the cool and wet weather.

I got an email from Juliet who lives in Paris where it’s been 39°, and David in London where it’s been 34°. Hearing that makes me feel okay about our weather. I’m not keen on that kind of heat. 

So, yesterday. Getting to the big island is very, very easy now that we have two ferries. There’s no waiting anymore—at least in the mornings. I was in the lineup for mere minutes when the ferry arrived. The trouble started when I disembarked and got to the park where I had a comfort stop for Sheba. It was there that I realized I had forgotten my wallet.

I’d left far too early to go directly to Dianne’s. I’d planned on going to the nursery and to the supermarket, but there was no point without my wallet. I returned to the ferry terminal in a bit of a panic because I did not know how I was going to get back. I knew Dianne might have some cash, but if she’s like me, she might not. I use my cards for everything.

I made my way to her place taking the slow roads and stopping for little walks with Sheba, arriving chez elle at 11:00. I was welcomed warmly, and Di said that she had the forty bucks I needed for my return ferry fare.

We had a lovely day of just sitting on the deck talking and Ashlee, her daughter, and Alex, Ash’s man, made us breakfast. It was really, really a lovely and gentle morning. And in the early afternoon Jane and Dana arrived. At 5:00 I was ready for home, so I bid everyone adieu and Sheba and I hit the road. Ten minutes into the drive home, I realized I’d left without the $40 I needed.

I was not in the mood to go back and be much later getting home. I decided to carry on and hope that I could find someone in the ferry parking lot who’s lend me the money knowing returning it would be easy. But suddenly I remembered my parking stash. 

When I went to visit John and Bunny a few weeks back, I’d bought a roll of loonies and another of toonies because it’s so bloody expensive to park in the city—$6/hr, and you need a cell phone or piles of coin. When I got to the ferry, I fetched the rolls from where I’d stashed them in the back of the truck. I had plenty of cash with which to pay.

I got home at 7:15 exhausted from the day. I fed the pets, ate my dinner, watched a bit to telly and went to bed. I went directly to sleep, and this morning I’ve awakened to rain, so I lit the fire, fed the pets and went back to bed for more sleep before rising again to tackle the day on the couch with a book.

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