Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bill Millerd Resigns... Sigh

Sunday at 5:30 I went to see a B.C. documentary called Wizard Mode about Robert Gagno who became the world pinball champion in 2016. Robert is on the Autism spectrum and a charmer. He and his parents spoke after the screening. Talk about a feel-good movie!
Monday night, a bombshell: Someone I admire above most everyone else, a man of great, great accomplishment has resigned as artistic director of the Arts Club Theatre. Bill Millerd founded the institution and I worked there for him during his first season) and again in later seasons). Bill and I went to the same high school, were in the same band and we are a lot alike. He’s my living breathing huggable hero and he leaves an incredible legacy in our city: three magnificent theatres that operate all year round.
Honestly, getting an email from him telling me was one of the nicest things to happen to me in a long time. To realize your hero cared enough to send you a personal note on his day of resignation is life at its richest and most fulfilling.
And there was “icing on the cake” because right after getting Bill’s email, I got a call from Rob. The sound of his voice is like energizing medicine. I’m helpless when I hear it.

Spoon bouquet.

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