Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Facing Decline

Sunshine galore and I did some decent writing on Tuesday. I had to stay home to receive the flocking I ordered that I’ll use to coat the tennis balls I’ll be making for the sports dress—dress number eight. I’m full of ideas for the remaining four dresses that I want to do, too. And I’m committed to getting rid of my dining room table for a while so that I have room to make them.
It is gloriously sunny again today, but cool.
I feel that I am getting worse. My speech is impossible and it does not seem to get better over time when I am with friends. When I am silent, I am fine; I don’t move or shake.
I am very anxious to see the neurologist and get some answers. Or to hear from Dr. Shoja that she feels that all my problems are due to C-PTSD. I see her this afternoon.

My mother co-starred with Sophia in the movie
"A Special Day"

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