Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Residency Application Submitted

I did it!  
I submitted an application today to Boca del Lupo for a residency. The last sentence of my very brief cover letter says: “Please put “FREE DRINKS” in the subject line of a rejection.”
It’s warm again. I have my windows open due to radiant heat, I assume, from the suites above and below mine on this unseasonably warm day.
Dr. Shoja gets a lot of credit that she deserves here. I’ve ignored the incredible and positive impact that The Stuttering Foundation (SF) has had on my life. Every time one of their magazines arrives, reading it gives me a feeling like what a mother’s hug might feel like. The current issue addresses the issue of travelling.
Today I was provided with the 1-800 number for the Passenger Support Specialists department of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the SF magazine. They recognize the challenge of airport security procedures for people with PTSD and for people who stutter — think what they’ll do for me! If I provide them with 72 hours prior notice of my arrival, I can make arrangements to be quickly assisted through security.

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