Thursday, February 9, 2017

Flu Virus Diet

I’m on the Flu Virus Diet.
Although I felt dreadful Tuesday night, I awoke feeling pretty good Wednesday. I saw Chris and Frani off, posted on my blog and walked to a nice lunch with a new friend, Peter. I got home and immediately started feeling poorly.
I didn’t eat all day Monday. Tuesday I only had one meal and right after I felt awful. Same yesterday, so I am not eating today either…. so far, anyway, and it’s 2:00 pm. I’m finally feeling like a bit of vertical after sixteen hours of sleep or deep resting.
I’m going to try some TV this afternoon. Maybe my eyes will stay open if I watch last week’s Victoria that I have on tape; Leon is my collar while I watch.
I dreamt I was running on the seaside with a woman I know, Susan, and I jumped onto the sand beside the road and it gave way leaving me standing on hard rock hundreds of meters into a giant sinkhole of sand. As I realized that if I tried to crawl up the sand or if anyone got close to the edge that the sand would collapse and smother me, I woke up. The dream was grossly unsettling. I only remember a dream once every ten years, so I’m glad about that after last night.
My friend Beth sent a clip of Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead in Sunday in the Park with George, one of my favourite shows, and holy shit the guy can sing. His performance is arresting; I’ve watched the clip a zillion times already. I am already hoping we get to see another scene at the Tony Award telecast.

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