Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tableau / Victoria / Arrival

Friday I met John & Bunny to take in an exhibit about the design evolution of a building that’s going to be built downtown beginning in May. It’s a bold showy building by a Japanese architect; we’re finally getting some interesting buildings in Vancouver. It’s been slow.
It was interesting, but the language made me twitchy. In my world, if you’re going to create an exhibition for the general public, you have a duty to avoid the higher language of learning and artistry of the profession and you have to speak to the people in plain language. That wasn’t happening in this exhibit.
Then J&B took me for lunch at Tableau — a great French bistro near our financial district. In the evening I had dinner with Bruce as he is leaving very soon for three months in Europe as he does every year.
I’ve planted a new ground cover in my aquarium. If it takes, it’s going to look stunning. My aquarium is a constant source of interest and satisfaction.
I’m rather disappointed in Victoria on Masterpiece Theatre. Like Downton, it's turned into a romcom soap opera in gorgeous sets and costumes; it’s as deep as a puddle.
On the other hand, there’s Arrival. I watched it on Apple TV  — a wonderful Netflix supplement that enriches my entertainment choices here at home. I loved it but I didn’t get it so I read the New Yorker review and found this in it; it’s by the incredible Anthony Lane.
“What happens to that hope, and how Villeneuve plays around with time in order to extract the maximum fervor from Louise’s experience, I won’t reveal, not least because I’m too dumbfounded—or simply too dumb—to have worked it out yet.”
But I did quite love the movie. How could I not? I took Linguistics at UBC.
The Defiant Dress script grows daily. I’m taking my time, going at it one unit at a time and I go over and over the unit until I’m satisfied. I’d really like to earn myself a producer so that I have the experience of an objective and invested partner who’ll help enrich it.

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